Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2012, Pages 1-46 
Evaluation of the Effect of Daily Work and Resultant Tiredness on Near Steroacuity in Intermittent Exotropic Patients

Pages 15-22


J Heravian; A.A Yekta; H Ostadimoghddam; A Azimi; M.J Khoshsima; M Shabani; E Khanpour; Z Salahi; H Hosseini yazdi

The Prevalence of Congenital Color Blindness and its Effect on Contrast Sensitivity and Depth Perception

Pages 47-52


H Ostadimoghaddam; A Azimi; J Heravian; A.A Yekta; f Sharifi; M Khbazkhoob; M.J Khoshsima; M Hasheminjad; P Razavi